Friday, 1 July 2011

ouh..just me..

A girl with big dream (I noe its cliché, so what?).  be a blogger  is a new thing for me..
Da fedup ngn faceboook? Mybe…
Well im not much a fashionista, I don’t really care about trends and what so over…
Just dress up nicely and go….  As long as I don’t look messy and serabut….
I also pendiam too…not so many friends, and sometime I think I don’t have a friend (xpe ke?) well I don’t really mind about this. As long as I got my family ( and my sayang…love u! hehe).

Why do I create this blog?

  • Just to express my self
  • My thoughts
  • What am I doing
  • Who I met

And more…soon ok….

1 comment:

  1. ok la blog x semestinya nk cte psl isu semasa ke,apa ke,bole jgk sbg tmpt meluahkn perasaan. :)